Marketing Means’ Purpose Built New Office


The Old Goods Shed is the purpose built office of Marketing Means. The company has grown steadily and having rented for 10 years, we wanted to have a ‘home of our own’. However, we were reluctant to move away from Station Yard, the site of the old Ashburton Station, where we had been based for 7 years. It is a business area full of character and ideally situated. After looking around at other options for a number of months, the only logical conclusion was to buy the Old Goods Shed opposite our former office and convert it into the office that we needed. We obtained the building in July 2009 and got to work.

After employing Van Ellen + Sheryn as architects, four months were taken drawing up plans for the renovations, taking into account that it was a Grade 2 listed building. Everyone involved shared a desire to maintain the building’s heritage as an industrial, railway building whilst giving the new offices a sense of innovation and 21st Century practicality for the type of work that was to be done there.

The 7 miles of the railway now known as the South Devon Railway originally ran from Ashburton to Totnes a distance of some 9 miles. It was engineered in 1872 by the builder of the Great Western Railway, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and built to his Broad Gauge (7ft 0¼ inch) specification. This history is at the heart of the area’s great character.

Work finally started on the Old Goods Shed in the Spring of 2010, with the company planning to be fully moved in by the end of May. Work was undertaken at a furious pace, with Richard Goulden the project manager at the helm.  Thanks to the great work of the design and building team, and unlike many building projects, the timetable slipped only slightly. Marketing Means were in the building by early June 2010 with the Old Goods Shed completely transformed.

When Marketing Means moved in, the Old Goods Shed started its new life as a 21st Century office. The renovations had brought state of the art electrics and built in information networks, and an under-floor heating system powered by an environmentally friendly air source heat pump, which also powers a low energy cooling system in the summer. A new staircase and glass walls divide the building up into distinct working areas.

Downstairs, the building houses a telephone interviewing unit that can accommodate 18 interviewers, and a print room housing our two commercial printers. Upstairs is the main office and meeting areas with 12 work stations, a lounge area with a great view over the hills of Ashburton, and a formal meeting and training room.

The modern building is both a comfortable and pleasant environment to work in and practically designed for the functions of a modern business.

For nearly 150 years, the Old Goods Shed has stood at the heart of Ashburton’s industrial quarter. The building is understated yet sturdy.  It has seen the changing nature of the town’s economy, never losing its fundamental character but always reflecting the times we live in.

We are sited at the heart of the potential redevelopment of Ashburton’s Chuley Road district (the plans for which can be found at this link – Dartmoor NPA Ashburton revelopment) and look forward to what the future holds for the area around these historic station buildings.